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An introduction to Santorini by its mayor, Anastasios-Nikolaos Zorzos

How can we describe Santorini? Words, no matter how many, are simply not enough.

The volcanic eruption is the root cause why people from all over the world come to see the island, a natural event that bestowed it with its incomparable beauty and the caldera.

Beyond this beauty, however, there are other reasons why Santorini catches the eye.

Alluring and untamed, whatever springs forth from this land is special, unique. Above the ash and the fire in its belly spring vines that constitute Europe’s oldest vineyards. The arid yet rich soil also yields other gifts of nature (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, white and green eggplants, fava beans) all with a distinctive flavor and other properties that tease the senses.

Its womb is life-giving; its terrain, stunning. For thousands of years the volcanic ash has preserved the civilization of the island’s earliest inhabitants. Poignant reminders of this and later cultures are everywhere, covering a period that stretches from the Early Bronze Age (excavations on Thirasia) to the 17th century BC (settlement at Akrotiri) and reaches the present day in the form of the vernacular architecture that created masterpieces up to 1956, the year of the great earthquake.

A center of enormous cultural, historical and geological interest, the island generously offers unique experiences to anyone wishing to explore it.

One island with many different reasons to visit. We, the people who live here, want the contact between visitors and our beloved Santorini to be intimate. You can gain much from the island by simply letting it show you the way: Walk it, explore it, get to know it, live it.

“ This is a destination waiting to be discovered at any time of year. Each season has its own things to see and do. The island is here, we are here, and our promise to meet your wants and expectations is unconditional… ”

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