BY Amber Charmei

| Dec 01, 2016


An Art Curator’s Thessaloniki Picks

Where does Eirini Papakonstantinou go when she’s not working at the State Museum of Contemporary Art?

“Thessaloniki has been a cultural melting pot since it was founded, and the weight, the gravity of history is visible everywhere. It is this juxtaposition between the historical and the contemporary, a contrast that is at the same time an alliance, which makes the art scene here so compelling.”


The State Museum of Contemporary Art possesses the largest collection of Russian Avant-Garde works (The Costakis Collection) outside Russia while its independent branch, The Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, focuses more on new and emerging art movements. The Museum also organizes the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, a massive celebration that takes place throughout the city. (Moni Lazariston, 21 Kolokotroni; CACT: Warehouse B1, Navarchou Votsi)

The neighborhood around the Roman Agora is home to artists’ studios, theater and dance workshops, and galleries. Nitra (51 Filippou) is a very active space representing established and emerging artists. Container Art Cafe has a great view and also organizes exhibitions. (37 Filippou and Agnostou Stratiotou)

Les Yper Yper is an artist-run collective/space hosting contemporary art exhibitions, residencies, talks, workshops, performances and concerts. (4 Georgiou Stavrou)

Donopoulos International Fine Arts presents a range of Greek and international artists with diverse artistic philosophies and techniques. (3 Aghias Theodoras)

Avlaia (at the YMCA, ΧΑΝΘ Square) and Black Box (65 Vasilissis Olgas and 2 Fleming) are two of the most important theater spaces in town, bringing innovative plays from talented directors and writers.

Protos Orofos (20 Olympiou Diamanti) is where to get lost in the beauty of experimental and electronic music, while at the Residents Bar, you will be introduced to a range of wonderful musicians and bands. (4A Stratigou Kallari)

INFO | State Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1997 and maintains a collection of works by modern Greek and foreign artists, as well as the Costakis Collection •