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BY Nikos Konstandaras

| May 31, 2016


So, It’s True. Aristotle Did Exist…

Last Thursday, the server hosting Kathimerini English Edition’s website ( crashed under the weight of visitors from across the world. The reason for the unprecedented interest was an announcement by a Greek archaeologist that a monumental grave excavated in 1996 at Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle

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Amanda Michalopoulou

BY Amanda Michalopoulou

| Oct 30, 2015


Naxos: Embracing the Power of Observation

A weekend at Naxos From my schoolbooks I remembered that Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and also that this is where Theseus abandoned Ariadne after she helped him slay the Minotaur in Crete. What I saw is a self-sufficient island, one of those places where you forget that Greece is in crisis.

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