Beat the Heat in Athens: Head for the Hills

Climb one of the four hills of Athens for the amazing views and, if you're lucky in the summer, a cool breeze.

One way to escape rising temperatures is to head for the hills and feel the breeze that awaits you at the summit. Athens boasts four prime vantage points.

To catch the Acropolis bathed in the hues of sunrise, get up bright and early and head up the Hill of the Nymphs, taking Otrineon Street up from pedestrianized Apostolou Pavlou Street to the flat area around the National Observatory of Athens. Or come by in the evening and continue walking south-east towards the Hill of the Muses and the Philopappos Monument, a ruined second-century tomb with a commanding view of the city. Visitors gather here daily to take in the sunset.


Another popular spot for sunset-watching is located almost opposite the main entrance of the Acropolis. The 155m Areopagus (“Ares’ Rock”), has been the stage for many important mythological and historical events. Athenians flock here on summer evenings as the sun drops. There have, however, been reports of pickpockets and purse snatchers, so watch out for your personal belongings. For a 360-degree view of both the mountains and the sea, Lycabettus Hill, the highest point downtown, literally can’t be topped. The easiest way to the top is by cable car (1 Aristippou; €7 round-trip, €5 one way). To walk down, take the path that starts behind the church.

This text was first published as part of “Beat the Heat”, an article published in Greece Is Athens, Summer 2019 Edition.

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