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BY Alex King

| Mar 16, 2020


To Stay or Go: An Expat’s Tough Decision in the Face of COVID-19

“Should I stay in Athens or return home?”

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Hayley Prokos

BY Hayley Prokos

| Nov 27, 2018


Autumn in Pylos: An Expat’s View of the Battle of Navarino Re-Enacted

On a balmy Saturday night in late October, I sat comfortably on the small yacht of a family friend, staring from the Ionian into the Bay of Navarino waiting intently for one of the ships in the bay to burst into flames. But, that’s not what happened – at least, not initially. Two vessels first positioned themselves strategically and then circled one another like boxers in a ring. As the shadowy…

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Alexia Amvrazi

BY Alexia Amvrazi

| Jan 04, 2016


Movin’ on out

Where you live is essentially the backdrop for each different period of your life. Alexia Amvrazi, who has moved six times in 15 years, shares her own experience and some valuable advice.

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