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BY Anthony Grant

| Sep 21, 2017


In Athens’ Backyard: a Quick Trip to Poros

In the shadow of its more famous sisters, Spetses and Hydra, the ‘middle child’ of Poros deserves some love too.

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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| May 29, 2017


The First Swim of the Year on Hydra

Greeks count their swims. They’ll ask one another “How many swims have you had?” More often than not, the answer that comes back is an exact number like “fifty-six”.

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Berenike Van Manen

BY Berenike Van Manen

| Oct 31, 2016


Poros, a Quick Island Fix

This Saronic Gulf gem, located just a stone’s throw from Athens, is perfect for an off-season break.

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