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Marilena Salamanou

BY Marilena Salamanou

| Mar 28, 2017


From Kimolos with Love

Local insider Marilena Salamanou on her favorite stops on the island of Kimolos.

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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| Mar 24, 2017


So, You Think You Can Dance…

As an international destination for exuberance, Mykonos always had a native advantage. It’s not as though the jet set came in and superimposed music and dance on an island of quiet shepherds and weavers. There are of course still shepherds and weavers – they’re just not quiet.

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Marc Dubin

BY Marc Dubin

| Mar 22, 2017


An Expert’s Advice on What to Do and See in Kos

I first visited Kos in the spring of 1981, on my second journey around Greece. I stayed, as many backpackers did back then, in an unlicensed domátio (room) touted at the harbor. My main memories from that year are of the Asclepieion archaeological site, assorted beaches and, of course, the Castle of the Knights.

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Alexandra Tzavella

BY Alexandra Tzavella

| Mar 22, 2017


Interviewing Travel Writer Kristin Luna

Kristin Luna is the writer and traveler behind the award-winning blog Camels & Chocolate. Over the 15 years she has been a travel journalist she has visited over 120 countries and seen her work published in more than 50 publications. She spoke to us about her love of road-trips, how she overcame her shyness through travelling and how she lost her fear of snorkelling in the eastern Aegean.

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Greece Is

BY Greece Is

| Mar 15, 2017


Jimmy Fallon Sings About Greece’s Most Unpronounceable Food

Jimmy Fallon recently took aim at an issue that has long troubled non-native Greek speakers whenever ordering one of the country’s signature dishes: how the hell do you pronounce ‘gyro’?

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Alexia Amvrazi

BY Alexia Amvrazi

| Mar 08, 2017


‘Young Vines’: Learning Through Play at Kokotos Estate

I’ve always dreamt of raising my child surrounded by nature, yet practical obligations have so far prevented us from escaping Athens into the countryside. So when I heard about ‘Young Vines‘, a program at the Kokotos Vineyard in which children engage in educational free play in a natural forested environment, my family and I didn’t think twice before hopping in the car for the 45-minute drive north to the area of Stamata. It…

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Anthoula Katsimatides

BY Anthoula Katsimatides

| Mar 01, 2017


10 Reasons why I Fell in Love with Nisyros

From natural hot springs to ancient fortresses seemingly built by giants, there are countless reasons to keep coming back to Nisyros.

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Nena Dimitriou

BY Nena Dimitriou

| Feb 13, 2017


Athens: The Next Foodie Destination

I spent twelve days celebrating capital’s gastronomic scene

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