Where to Party on Halloween in Athens

While Greeks are more accustomed to dressing up for Carnival in the spring, Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular excuse to throw a party.

While trick or treating isn’t really a thing in Athens, the holiday has been embraced in other ways by a lot of local bars who go wild with the decorations and invite you to dress up and enjoy themed food and cocktails.

Big party at Six Dogs

Tuesday 31/10, 21.00-morning

The annual Halloween party at Six Dogs will take place on the day itself (Tuesday 31/10). Last year, 2000 people went to this party, which traditionally features tons of decorations, a photobooth, and live music.

You Say party! We Say Yeah! Will play live and the bartenders will mix special potions for scary low prices.

Entrance is free.

MOS at Zonars

Saturday 28/10, 10.30-03.00

The recently reopened historic bar Zonars might be respectful towards their past in terms of decor, food, and music, but they are in no way living in the past. This Saturday, they’re embracing Halloween.

MadeOfSounds (MOS), the masters of themed playlists, will play, ensuring a ghostly quality time.

Halloween Party at Galaxy Bar, Hilton Hotel

Friday 27/10, 21.30-04-00

If you plan on going all in with your costume, you should definitely pick this party. Anyone who’s dressed up gets a free welcome drink, and the guest with the best costume wins a night in one of the hotel’s executive rooms with a view of the Acropolis.

Don’t worry about your makeup scaring anyone on your way over though. Face painting will be available once you get there.

“It” party at Romantso

Saturday 28/10, 23.00

The second film interpretation of Stephen King’s novel “It” was recently released, and at Romantso, you can live your own version this Halloween. Follow the red balloon to one of the scariest parties this fall.

Entrance is free.

Little KooK

The wild decorations at Little KooK café are always impressive. This Halloween it will be transformed into “the witches’ tea room”, filled with spider webs, freaky characters, and giant bugs, with special dark and ‘bloody’ desserts on offer.

Halloween carnival at ACS Athens Campus:

Friday 27/10, 18.00-20.00

Games and food will be available at the American Community Schools of Athens campus’ Halloween Carnival. Prizes and surprises are promised, and all proceeds will go to the school’s clubs and activities.

10€ entrance fee.

Lil’ Monsters Ball – Hard Rock Café Kids Halloween Party

Friday 27/10, 13.00-16.00

Kids are invited to the Hard Rock Café this Friday for trick or treating, other fun surprise activities, and special Halloween cookies.

Later (18.00-23.00), adults can enjoy a spooky version of the Hard Rock’s famous burger.

We Are Halloween Fest at Lohan

Friday 27/10, 23.00-06.00

The hosts of the Halloween party at Lohan also love “It” (some of us gets the chills just by watching the party promo video).

Music will be loud, and the makeup artists will be ready. Will you?

Entrance fee is 10€, and includes one drink.

Two parties on one night at Second Skin

Saturday 28/10, 20.30-01.00, and (after-hours) Saturday 28/10, 01.00-morning

One of the first clubs to acknowledge Halloween in Greece, Second Skin, is throwing their annual event on Saturday night/Sunday morning. The night will be split into two parties.

The Core Night vol.44 party, which starts at 20.30, is a costume party. Best male and female costumes win… wait for it… a tattoo from Uncle Chroni’s tattoo and body piercing.

Entrance is 3€, and includes a glass of wine or a soft drink.

The second party, Day of the Dead, starts at 01.00 and will go on until the morning. The club’s two spaces will feature two different dj lineups. For those who aren’t skilled with the makeup brush, face-painting will be available for free.

All the decorations for this horror show can’t fit inside the club, so smoke, spiderwebs, and jack-o-lanterns are bound to pour out onto Damokleous Street.

Athens Dia de Muertos party at Tramp

Sunday 29/10, 23.00-05.00

This costume party thrown by Say What Athens will feature dj sets by Zombalistic, Cephei, MIKE FIFTY, Prince, and a freak dance show by Kostas Loules & Juby On. A makeup artist will be on standby for all your face de-beautifying needs.

Entrance is free.

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