Artpoint: High Quality Souvenirs at Athens Airport

Before you head for the departure gate, drop in for some serious last minute souvenir shopping.

Forgot to buy a souvenir for your favorite aunt and already at the airport? Worry not. The newly renovated Artpoint Store on the Departures Level of Athens International Airport has you covered. And chances are you will be flying out with something for yourself as well.

Active in the market since 2010, this landmark boutique souvenir shop offers fabulous handmade and limited-edition souvenirs, including high-quality museum replicas, unique jewelry and accessories, and innovative gifts for all ages.


• Departures Level – Free Access Area, Athens International Airport

• Tel: (+30) 210 3533070 •

Artpoint’s mission has always been to promote ancient Greek civilization through sophisticated creations that are both timeless and beautiful. With that in mind, it has engaged in creative collaborations with museums such as the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Acropolis Museum, as well as with talented artists in order to provide customers with exclusive products that can also be tailor-made depending on their needs.

Even the packaging of these products are works of art in and of themselves – always elegant but also informative, with the accompanying historical note lending a gravitas one doesn’t normally associate with airport souvenirs.

So don’t go home with yet another kitschy memento from your vacation in Greece. Instead make a stop at Artpoint Store for something stylish that is bound to impress and to be cherished for years to come.

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