Get the Real Taste of Greece

Every month, the American website “Try the World” delivers a box of country-themed food to your doorstep.

Worldly foodies, gather ye tastebuds and rejoice! The website brings exciting and tasty global goodies to your doorstep, wherever you may be.

When two globetrotters (Kat and David) returned from their various travels abroad and were regaling friends with tales of their favorite meals, they realized that they couldn’t recreate those dishes at home because the original ingredients weren’t available in the US. 

Their solution to this problem was Try The World, which has become a welcome presence among foodies worldwide. It works with small, family-owned companies who follow artisanal and/or traditional methods of production, as well as top chefs who “curate” boxes they stock with seven to eight items from their countries of origin. Each box also comes with a Culture Guide that offers clients step-by-step recipes and information on the products and the places they’re from. 

On the website, you can explore their product range and buy items either individually or by ordering one of the gift (or corporate gift) boxes. There are also subscription offers for monthly boxes that can be paid monthly, every three months, every six months or annually. The site also features the excellent Try The World Magazine, with recipes and articles on different cultures and their culinary traditions, as well as interviews with chefs and other food artisans who talk about their lives and the way their foods are produced.

This month’s Signature Box brings subscribers the flavors of Greece, curated by NY-born chef, acclaimed food author and TV cooking personality Diane Kochilas. Inspired by Kochilas’ ancestral home of Ikaria – the northern Aegean island named as one of the world’s four Blue Zones, or havens of longevity, in 2012 – the box includes spicy pepper feta cheese sauce; an herb-rich tzatziki mix; stuffed vine leaves from Palirria; rosemary oil and breadsticks.

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