Unique Christmas Gifts to Get Your Hands On in Athens

Greek aesthetics meet high design and a sense of playfulness in these gifts you won't find anywhere else.

Oh, Christmas shopping. We all know the hassle; bumping into people, muscles aching from carrying bags, getting sweaty in the cold from moving in and out of stores in your winter coat. It can add a dose of unwanted stress on your vacation or already busy business trip. Yet, you do need to buy those presents, especially if you are spending time away from your loved ones so close to the holidays.

Most people might send you in the direction of Ermou – the main shopping street starting at Syntagma square, where seemingly all the big chain stores have an outlet. We have some better suggestions. While you should certainly pop by the square for a look at the decorations and the lights covering the neighboring hotels, shopping in the weeks leading up to Santa’s (or Saint Basil’s) arrival is best done in a quieter environment, and knowing where to go for what is essential.

We picked out some of our favorite items to get as combined souvenirs and Christmas presents while in Athens, and the best part is that you can purchase most of them while discovering the city.

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