Make a ‘Legendary’ Movie Poster, Win an Island Holiday

A spoof film trailer invites you to prepare for the 'legend' that is the Greek summer, with the chance to win a holiday to a Greek island.

Under a quirky new campaign by Marketing Greece, an organization promoting Greek tourism internationally, a ‘trailer’ has been released for the most exciting event of the year: the Greek summer.

The short video, shot and edited in the style of a blockbuster teaser, features a young woman daydreaming of her summer holiday in Greece, narrated in the booming style of voiceover superstar Don LaFontaine.

The video for the campaign, Greek Summer, A True Legend is the first in a series of four inspirational videos that will pay tribute to the country’s most popular season. The stars of the campaign are, of course, the Greek sun, turquoise waters, food, hospitality, free spirit and incredible destinations that together make summer vacations in the country so unforgettable.

As part of the campaign, a competition offering a holiday for two to an island destination (Kos) courtesy of Aegean Airlines is also being run. The interactive campaign site gives participants the chance to ‘star’ in their own Greek summer holiday. Entrants are invited to create their own poster reflecting the summer experience of their dreams and share it on social media to enter into the contest.

Watch the campaign trailer above and get ready for this year’s biggest hit – your Greek summer.

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