Fraport Lands Cosmote Services at its Airports

Leading telecommunications company Cosmote will provide private cloud solutions and other technology to all Fraport airports.

Fraport Greece announced on Thursday it has upgraded the 14 regional airports it manages with services provided by leading telecommunications company Cosmote, which it claims substantially contribute to the uninterrupted and secure communications of the airports, the efficiency of the group’s operations and optimal service for passengers.

Parent OTE Group provides Fraport Greece and its 14 airports with private cloud solutions, creating a private cloud infrastructure in its own facilities, connectivity solutions for secure interconnection and voice, image and data transfer, and communications solutions via IP telephony and private radio network.

In partnership with Motorola, OTE has also has created a private radio network, operating on the premises of each of the 14 regional airports and Fraport Greece’s headquarters.

The radio network will be the main communication system in case of an emergency and will therefore operate without interruption, by providing secure voice and data communication.

OTE will be responsible for the technical support of all solutions provided, Fraport said.

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