Google Street View Digitizes
Stunning Greek Locations

Greece is just a click away and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home

Armchair travelers rejoice! Google Street View is digitizing even more Greek locations to help tourists better envision their next vaycay. New panoramic footage was unveiled this week just in time for spring tantalizing prospective visitors with an immersive look at stunning landscapes around the country. 

Hidden treks around vibrant and hospitable Crete as well as virtual walks through the winding pathways of the Cycladic island of Sifnos collected with the Street View Trekker Loan Program offered local authorities a chance to showcase the best of what regional areas have to offer. The result? An enticing swirl of captivating images stitched together for the pleasure of the virtual traveler.

“The images were recorded over a week by hitchhikers from Paths of Greece carrying 18 kilos worth of equipment on their backs as they trekked over 100 kilometers worth of walkways,” says Sifnos Mayor Andreas Babounis.

“The exceptionally beautiful landscapes of Sifnos are now available in digital form whether you are logged onto your computer or are curious to see what Sifnos looks like using your cell phone.”

On a more practical level, Street View can be accessed on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS, allowing travelers to have an overview of the Athens International Airport prior to take off. In this way, travelers can be better prepared by visualizing their way through check-in points, baggage delivery, terminal stations and even duty free stores.

Greece first entered Google’s world of virtual travel in 2015 after a five-year dispute over privacy concerns. Finally, after people’s faces and license plates were blurred, the country’s Data Protection Authority agreed to let Google stitch its panoramic images of Greece the 56th country to offer the service. Making up for lost time, more and more landmarks from around the country are being channeled into the growing data base of interactive images that promote the country’s abundant beauty to the world.

So what are you waiting for? Travel to Greece from the palm of your hand and enjoy its hidden wonders even before you arrive.

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