Shipwrecked: Motocross Star Romain Febvre’s New Video from Zakynthos

Navagio Beach is the setting for new thrilling video with Romain Fabre made by Monster Energy.

World famous French motocross racer Romain Febvre, cool as ever in a cap and hoodie, steers a little fishing boat into Smugglers Cove, where the famous Zakynthos shipwreck waits, in the beginning of a video made by Monster Energy. Navagio beach is an iconic site that’s familiar to people all over the world, but never before has it acted backdrop to something quite like this.

Febvre rides his bike on a track constructed out of sand around the wreck, tackles jumps, glides through the water’s edge, and warms his hands over an open fire. On his Facebook page, Febvre calls it the best video they’ve ever made. The preparations for it took 23 people and 1000 hours to complete, and included shifting 12 tonnes of sand by hand. It was a job that took more energy out of the crew than had been expected, as an unexpected storm wiped most of the track out just a week before filming, meaning they had to start over.

But it paid off.

“We are used to circuits and beautiful locations in countries like Argentina but this was right on the beach with the sea so close and that ship stuck right there. It was unbelievable to see, and more so to ride because it is a place you cannot reach by walking or car but by wheeling the bike onto a boat and sailing out,” Febvre said about the experience.

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