The Most Luxurious Corner in Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne’s GB Corner Gifts and Flavors is your one-stop shop for precious gifts

Entering the discreetly scented lobby and sitting at the establishment’s Winter Garden for an immaculately served coffee or tea with dessert feels like embarking on a brief delightful journey to a world of class and fine pleasures that add color to the drabness of everyday life.

Most recently, the Grande Bretagne, the capital’s grand lady of hospitality, has provided a further reason to step inside. Its revamped GB Corner Gifts & Flavors shop, operating at the historic GB Corner restaurant, is filled with small treasures ideal for yourself or as special gifts for loved ones.

 The range of exquisite items on sale, each chosen for its identity and history, includes accessories, jewelry and homeware by Zeus + Dione; cashmere creations by Brunello Cucinelli; select travel and personal care items; leading gourmet choices from various parts of Greece; fine wines and spirits from all over the world; and, naturally, the sweet creations of award-winning French pastry chef ArnaudLarher. Every single bite of this master’s Tarte Citron or Casse Noisette is a journey for the palate.


Monday to Saturday, 11:00 – 20:00

Tel. +30 210. 3330.750

Online shopping at

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