Six Objectives Set for the Tourism Ministry

Among them is an overall strategic plan for tourism development for the years 2021 to 2030.

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National Archaeological Museum to get Major Overhaul

The revamp is hoped to bring new life to the central part of Athens where the museum is located.

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Golden Visa Program Attracts Investments of 2 Billion Euros

In 2020, even more significant investments are expected, as new buyers look into more expensive properties.

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Brexit Won’t Impact British University Degrees in Greece

Students and graduates of British universities and colleges can rest easy, Education Ministry decides.

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Aegean Breaks Passenger Traffic Record

According to figures from the company, passenger traffic grew 7% in 2019, year-on-year.

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Tom Hanks’ Family Offered Greek Citizenship Too for Fire Help

The offer of citizenship to Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and their two sons is in recognition of their efforts to assist the victims of the deadly Mati fire.

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Greek Fashion: 100 Inspirational and Creative Years

How has Greek culture and civilization - ancient and Byzantine - inspired and influenced fashion in the modern era?

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