Spring Adventures on Two Wheels

Experienced motorcyclists recommend their favorite routes and share all the advice and secrets you need

Sometimes, there is nothing better than getting off the well-worn track and exploring freely on two wheels. Two experienced motorcyclists, Thanassis Mourikis and Polytimi Bouzno share three of their favorite routes in Agrafa, Lesvos and Cape Tainaro, plus tips on preparing for your trip.

Experience the stunning nature of the Evrytania mountains on the way to Agrafa, hidden villages and churches, the contrast of the sea and the mountains in Lesvos while the scent of pine trees fills the air and the surprising sight of a shipwreck in the sea off Gythio, visible from the mountain en route to Cape Tainaro. Zip over the Corinth canal, or reach places that lie so far off the beaten track they’re completely cut off in the winter.

Bikers will tell you that their choice of travel represents freedom and an escape from the restraints of asphalt and routine. Only a motorbike can take you to certain places, both literally and figuratively. A glimpse into their world and you might well start to feel the same way.

  • Before taking off, make sure you are carrying a mobile phone with a fully-charged battery and 1-2 portable power banks, as well as cash.
  • Always carry water and drink at every pit-stop, even if not feeling thirsty. It is important to hydrate as the liquid consumed helps keep you alert. It is a good idea to start the journey with a bottle kept in the deep freeze the night before.
  • Breakfast must be light. Schedule lunch for as early as possible and restrain your appetite for dinner until the end of the day, as abundant energy is needed to digest a full meal.
  • A pair of small binoculars will definitely come in handy. Store conveniently for easy reach.
  • To deal with the scores of little bugs and flies that will inevitably end their lives on your helmet and shield, make sure to carry paper napkins or a few sheets of kitchen roll paper towels.
  • Carry a spare set of vision correction glasses. Ideally, tinted prescription glasses are preferable, to readily look at maps along the way.

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