Y for Yoga: Handstands Below the Acropolis

Whether you are a first-timer who'd like to join a group, or an experienced yogi who prefers to go at it alone, Athens offers plenty of places to practice yoga.

This text is part of the article “And the Living is A-Z”, published in Greece-Is Athens, Summer 2018 Edition. By Paulina Björk Kapsalis, Maria Coveou, Nena Dimitriou, Alex King, Maria Korachai, Pagona Lipsati & Alexandra Tzavella.

The active yoga community of Athens makes use of nearly all of the city’s parks and beaches, and it’s no longer uncommon to spot people rolling out their mats and doing the downward-facing dog in the shade of the Acropolis.

Other great spots include the park inside the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, where you can join a group or have a go at it alone, and the National Garden. If you prefer professional guidance, many different yoga companies offer open-air sessions throughout the summer; you can either stay in town or head to a nearby beach for a chance to do your yoga on a SUP board in the sea. Check out what Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga (www.lynnroulo.com) offers, including yoga on a roof deck below the Acropolis, yoga  on a cruise boat or yoga during the full moon. Alternatively, join a small group of people for a yoga workshop based out of the Karapanou House, on the island of Aegina (www.karapanou.com).

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