5+1 Reasons for a Spring Day Trip to Aegina

Wildflowers, ancient olive trees, nature, and delicious pistachio treats. In the spring, Aegina provides everything you need for the perfect day trip.

Wildflowers in bloom

You’d never guess it, but Aegina is awash in wildflowers in the spring. Vicia, daisies, euphorbias, brooms, poppies, chamomile, and silenes add color to the island’s paths, road edges, and beachfronts, as well as the house walls. Along with the sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the colors and aromas create a sense of bliss. An ideal location for hiking or cycling.

The Temple of Aphaia

The archaeological site of Aphaia is also rich in vegetation, though pine trees dominate. It is a lovely setting all year round, but it is especially famous for the beautiful Doric temple with its fluted columns (12 on the long sides, 6 on the narrow ones), where one can spend hours trying to work out whether it truly forms an isosceles triangle with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, as is said. Built in 500 BC and eventually abandoned in the late 2nd century BC, it was dedicated to the local goddess Aphaia, who was later associated with Athena, and its exquisite pediment sculptures can be seen in the Munich Glyptothek.

The ancient olive grove

The dramatic sight of the centuries-old olive trees captivated the Hermès design house, which featured the Aegina olive grove in a 2012 campaign. After 12 years, the area’s otherworldly beauty continues to captivate visitors. Even though it is most likely the only place on the island without wildflowers, locals celebrate May Day here with picnics and games. A rough dirt road from Aeginitissa leads to the equally charming churches of Aghios Georgios, Aghia Kyriaki, and Aghia Triada.

Good Friday on Mount Oros

Every Good Friday, the island’s hikers climb Mount Ellanio, also known as “Oros,” the Greek word for mountain. This peak rises to 532 meters, allowing visitors to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and breathtaking views from the chapel of the Prophet Elias (located at the site of the altar of Zeus Ellanios). Go out any day of the week; you won’t regret it. From Pachia Rachi follow the signs to the temple of Zeus Ellanios and leave your car at the end of the dirt road. The summit is accessible by trail and takes about 30-40 minutes to reach. You can also visit the ruins of the Sanctuary of Zeus, which are right next to the beautiful Taxiarchis church.

The pistachio products of “Aiakeion”

Aiakeion, a historic patisserie on Dimokratias Avenue frequented by many well-known figures, is a pistachio lover’s paradise. During its 66-year history, it has perfected the art of pistachio processing, winning numerous quality awards and providing unforgettable delicacies such as spreads, pistachio paste, jams, creams, pasteli (honey sesame bars), and other types of bars made from Aegina pistachios, as well as chutneys and pistachio pesto. Don’t miss out on its famous sweets, including fistikato (chocolate-covered pistachio bites), fistikini (sweet pistachio balls), salted pistachio florentines, and ice cream. (18-20 Dimokratias, Tel. (+30) 22970.272.35).

Eating by the sea

As soon as the weather clears, we all head out for ouzo and fresh fish by the sea. You can find them in several restaurants in Aegina, Aeginitissa, and Perdika, but the best are served at Skotadi restaurant (46 Dimokratias, Tel. (+30) 22970.240.14), on the main promenade, where the quality has remained consistent for 79 years. Their menu includes mollusks, shellfish, freshly caught fish, and homemade appetizers. Try the red mullet tartare, grouper carpaccio, and local katsoules fish cooked in butter and tomato sauce.

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