BY Maria Coveou

| Oct 30, 2015


Shall We Dance?

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. ”

If you are passionate about social dancing and you always pack your dance shoes even when traveling, just in case, we’ve got you covered. Greeks love to social dance, so all partner dances are represented, especially in the capital. Below are some of the parties you can join in on, handpicked by local dancers and organized by the local dance communities. So you’ve got no excuse to stay in or join the masses at yet another popular bar. Put on those dance shoes, grab your partner and come find us at one of the dance joints. But even if you’re traveling solo or your partner doesn’t know left from right, don’t be discouraged. Greeks are friendly and will gladly dance with you even though they might not make the first step. So be bold and just ask for the next dance. But avoid making your partner jealous … unless you want to, of course.



Tango is very popular among Greeks, who find its passion and expressiveness matches their Mediterranean temperament. Among the many milongas that are organized each week, here are some of the regular ones: Faust (organized by Milonga Caprichosa), Sundays 15:00-19:00 (entrance € 7 with 1 drink), 11 Kalamiotou and 12 Athinaidos, Monastiraki (near Kapnikarea Square) • Tel.: (+30) 210.323.4095 • Academia del tango Studio (milonga El Cabeceo), Thursdays 22:00-03:00 (entrance € 8 with free drinks), 15 Agatharchou & Lepeniotou, Psyrri • Tel.: (+30) 210.331.0605

“At Milonga Caprichosa we share some truly precious moments. We dance, smile, surrender to alluring liaisons and breathe the sense of tango.”


Latin dances have always been liked by Greeks. There’s something quite alluring about that move of the hips as well as the exuberant expression of passion, of course. The most popular venue near the center is Palenque, open Wednesday to Sunday for frenzy dancing, but also free classes. On Fridays, for example, at 21:30 (level 1) and at 22:15 (level 2) you can drop in for a free salsa class and then join the Salsa Madness Fridays party at 23:00. Palenque, 23 Olof Palme, Zografou (free entrance) • Tel.: (+30) 210.747.2907. If you are willing to travel a little bit further to the south of the city, another famous venue is Fuego Latin Club, 69 Omirou, Nea Smyrni (free entrance) • Tel.: (+30) 210.931.9075 or (+30) 693.674.2727


The relatively small community of R’n’R dancers make up for their lack of size with plenty of passion. Or obsession, perhaps. They’ve had a venue all to themselves for years now, owned by R’n’R teachers and dancers The Rollin’ Foxes, where you can drop in for some rockin’ and a rollin’ every day except for Mondays and Sundays. In recent years they are regularly joined by Lindy Hoppers since the two dances share similar steps. Blue Fox Wed–Sat 21:00-02:00 (free entrance) and every second Tuesday, 91 Asklipiou, Neapoli • Tel.: (+30) 694.248.7225.

“We rock ‘n’ roll and forget all else! The best way to always be happy.”


This 1930s swing dance is enjoying its second revival worldwide and is currently the craze among Greeks, especially the younger ones, since it requires lots of stamina. Here are some of the local community’s favorite parties: Lost and Found (The Big Swing Party organized by the Athens Lindy Hop dance school), Wednesdays 21:00-04:00 (free entrance), 53 Kerameikou, Metaxourgeio • Tel.: (+30) 210.524.6564 • Blue Fox (It Don’t Mean A Thing party organized by the Swing That Thing dancing duo), every second Tuesday 22:30-02:00 (free entrance). Call ahead to make sure it’s the right Tuesday. 91 Asklipiou, Neapoli • Tel.: (+30) 694.248.7225

“The Big Swing Party, where the music is hot and the dance is cool, is the coziest and fun social swing dance event in Athens!”