BY Sophia Dimitriou

| Jun 16, 2016


Skopelos, the Island that will Keep you Coming Back

Located in the island group of Northern Sporades, Skopelos is one of the most alluring islands in the western Aegean Sea, and also the place where the famous movie ‘Mama-Mia!’ was filmed.Even though I had heard about the island’s natural beauty, I had never spent time there before – until last year. I was immediately captivated by the rich pine forests, the mesmerizing beaches and the crystal clear waters.

Having a rib boat to move around offered my friends and I the opportunity to witness several different areas of Skopelos. We began our vacation by visiting the small island of Dasia, right across popular Milies beach. Both locations share the same refreshing and clear green waters, setting you up for a long swim. Wearing our goggles, we spent all day swimming around the island, exploring its gorgeous seabed.


The next day, having the desire to see the beautiful church of Ai Yiannis – also a shooting location for ‘Mama-Mia’ – we headed to the area of Kastri. Upon arrival, there stood a high rock on which stands the church, with 105 stairs leading up to it. It was truly an astonishing sight, especially because the landscape enclosing the rock is the endless blue sea of the Aegean.


Another fascinating destination is the area of Amarantos, located near Agnontas beach. Three pine trees stand tall at the end of a white rocky gulf, facing the sea, as if they are guardians of the area. You will usually find sunbathers resting there, or people sharing the extraordinary view with the trees. We tied our boat and jumped into the cold water, which felt very revitalizing. For lunch we chopped up fresh tomatoes, cheese, bread and juicy fruits. We felt complete and utterly joyous.

Everyday, for a relaxing evening with a spectacular sunset, we would drive our boat to Antrines, an area made up of small gulfs filled with trees and pebbled beaches. We would throw our sea floaters in the water and just sit on them for a couple of hours, talking to each other whilst waiting for the sun to set. As soon as it was time, we would start the engine to head back home, looking towards the captivating sunset.

Skopelos is blessed with an abundant nature where forest green meets the stark blue hues of the sea, all under an enchanting sky. These elements surely make the island a necessary destination, to which you will definitely want to go back. I am sure you will, because I did!

Photos by Sophia Dimitriou