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| May 17, 2016


The Out-of-Towners: Dimitri Boulenger

Dimitri Boulenger is an Athens-based Osteopath of Belgium heritage who has lived in Brussels, Paris and Maidstone but makes no secret of his preference for Greece. As the featured Out-of-Towner this week, he shares his own experience of what he loves most about the country he now calls home.

Dimitri Boulenger



Life status
Married with two children (13 and a half years of age and 16 years)

Where in the world I am from
My father is from Belgium, Brussels, and my mother is from Athens, Greece

A few words to compare where I’ve come from with Greece?
Difficult to do as I’ve lived in Brussels, Paris and Maidstone, UK. But over all I prefer it here in Greece because of the people, the weather and the location.

I came here because…
of my Greek family and for my profession.

I’ve fallen in love with…
the people and nature.

It makes me mad that…
there is a lack of organization and no respect for basic things, such as the environment and rules.

The most Greek thing that fits into my hand?
Greece in the palm of my hand.

If I knew then what I know now…
I would change nothing. I made the correct choices and it was a good decision to stay in Greece.


different small tavernas in remote places all over Greece

watch the sun set:
on the Greek islands

party all night:
no, I don’t do that

in the beaches of the Greek islands of Naxos and Skyros

no, I don’t shop

watch the world go by:
Skyros, Naxos and on the mountain of Arachova

read peacefully:
at home

connect with Greek culture:
in the mountains and small villages where I can connect with the locals

work out:
hiking in the mountains

in the mountains during winter or summer and discovering new places, people, scenery, walking and camping