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BY Nikos Konstandaras

| May 31, 2016


So, It’s True. Aristotle Did Exist…

Last Thursday, the server hosting Kathimerini English Edition’s website ( crashed under the weight of visitors from across the world. The reason for the unprecedented interest was an announcement by a Greek archaeologist that a monumental grave excavated in 1996 at Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle

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BY Kostis Zafirakis

| Dec 09, 2015


Sithonia: Summers of our Youth

The middle “leg” (as we Thessalonians call the three peninsulas) of Halkidiki, combines the sophisticated character of Cassandra (the first leg) with the spiritual feel of Mount Athos (third leg). Sithonia is made for the eternal flower child, for the hippies of this world, even though it was named after the mythological King Sithon, an unpleasant sort of fellow.

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BY Sakis Serefas

| Dec 03, 2015


My Hideaway

Prolific playwright, novelist, poet and scholar Sakis Serefas, Thessaloniki born and bred, takes us on one of his favorite escapes to the mountains of Halkidiki.

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