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Hayley Prokos

BY Hayley Prokos

| Nov 27, 2018


Autumn in Pylos: An Expat’s View of the Battle of Navarino Re-Enacted

On a balmy Saturday night in late October, I sat comfortably on the small yacht of a family friend, staring from the Ionian into the Bay of Navarino waiting intently for one of the ships in the bay to burst into flames. But, that’s not what happened – at least, not initially. Two vessels first positioned themselves strategically and then circled one another like boxers in a ring. As the shadowy…

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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| Jun 01, 2018


Storm in a Coffee Cup: My Tasseomancy Experience in Thessaloniki

  “I see you have two… boys (?)” I smile, “Mmm, no…” “One of each?” My smile widens as I raise my eyebrows. This is my first experience with tasseomancy 

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