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BY Pavlos Zafiropoulos

| Jan 30, 2019


Zen and the Art of Driving in Greece

When I was first learning to drive, my father gave me one of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever received: “Always drive as if the guy ahead is about to do the most insane thing imaginable.”

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BY Amber Charmei

| Sep 18, 2017


An Ionian Road Trip From Parga to Lefkada

One of the most romantic routes in Greece can be found on its lush western coast linking the charming seaside town of Parga with the island of Lefkada.

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BY Sakis Serefas

| Dec 03, 2015


My Hideaway

Prolific playwright, novelist, poet and scholar Sakis Serefas, Thessaloniki born and bred, takes us on one of his favorite escapes to the mountains of Halkidiki.

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