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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| Aug 10, 2018


Homecoming, Greek-Style

The feast day of the church of a Greek village is not just the main event in the year’s social calendar; it’s a time to revive memories, to celebrate family and traditional culture, and to preserve this heritage for generations to come. In Greece, people celebrate their name days – the feast day of the saint for whom they are named. Towns and cities do the same, marking the celebration…

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Alexia Amvrazi

BY Alexia Amvrazi

| Oct 19, 2015


Lush Living in the Peloponnese

Within just over two hours drive from Athens, we zip past the sprawling seaside town of Akrata and make a steep ascent up curvy mountain roads, past resilient old villages it takes just minutes to drive through, through a breathtaking landscape with a massive, imposing mountain wall on one side, cobalt blue sea on another, and lush vegetation abounding. With our windows rolled all the way down on this gloriously…

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