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BY Meropi Papadopoulou

| Feb 07, 2018


Winter and Wine on Santorini

I reached Santorini on a cold, sun-drenched morning in early January and, without quite realizing how, ended up

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BY Amber Charmei

| Feb 01, 2018


Celebrating St Tryphon in Goumenissa: A Warming Feast in the Depths of Winter

Goumenissa, close to Greece’s northern border, is a wine town. On the feast day of St. Tryphon – the protector of the vine – the locals go all out for what is one of winter’s biggest celebrations.

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BY Maria Korachai

| Oct 11, 2016


The Wines of the Midnight Harvest

At Domaine Vassiliou, the wine harvest is carried out at night in order to keep the vineyard’s grapes fresh and crispy, essential for an excellent wine.

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BY Diana Farr Louis

| Sep 11, 2015


A Shrimp Institution

It’s just a neighborhood, no frills taverna, and in an out of the way residential neighborhood at that, tucked into a corner on a back street in Piraeus that ends at the Greek Naval Academy. You will catch a glimpse of the open sea and some young cadets in uniform leaving and entering the gates, but Margaro hardly matches the picture postcard notion of a Greek seaside taverna. You wouldn’t…

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