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Maria Coveou

BY Maria Coveou

| Oct 19, 2015


Lindy Hopping the Greek Way

30s swing dance is the most recent dance craze to hit Greece If you find yourself downtown wondering which bar to choose and you happen to hear swing music coming out of some joint, chances are there are Lindy hoppers swinging inside. So hop in, grab a drink and sit back because you are in for a treat. You’ve just landed in one of the countless weekly parties of the…

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Alexandra Tzavella

BY Alexandra Tzavella

| Oct 13, 2015


To the Rock with a Hat!

Unless you want to end up in bandages or worse, remember to cover your head and your feet when attempting to scale the Acropolis in the summer. The shortest way to get from antiquity to the accident and emergency department of an Athens public hospital is to wear the wrong footwear.

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Edit Engelmann

BY Edit Engelmann

| Oct 13, 2015


Aigio: A Little Taste of Paradise

Located on the northern coast of the Peloponnese, Aigio, once the centre of Greece’s rich currant export trade, has lots to offer in terms of history, sightseeing and cuisine. When my husband asked me a decade ago about moving to Aigio, I had to ask where it was. As I now thankfully know, it is located in the most beautiful part of the Gulf of Corinth. For me it is…

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Maria Korachai

BY Maria Korachai

| Oct 08, 2015


Going Nuts for Pistachios

“What did you enjoy the most?” asks a father of his kids, on the boat leaving Aegina. “The pistachio paste,” they reply, almost in unison. Just an hour’s boat ride from Athens, the island’s inhabitants, producing the world famous appellation nut, have proven their inventiveness: pistachio pralines, pistachio shell jewelry, works of art imitating nature, pistachio honey, baclava, pistachio beauty products, traditional pottery, porcelain and naturally, ample quantities of baked…

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Diana Farr Louis

BY Diana Farr Louis

| Sep 11, 2015


A Shrimp Institution

It’s just a neighborhood, no frills taverna, and in an out of the way residential neighborhood at that, tucked into a corner on a back street in Piraeus that ends at the Greek Naval Academy. You will catch a glimpse of the open sea and some young cadets in uniform leaving and entering the gates, but Margaro hardly matches the picture postcard notion of a Greek seaside taverna. You wouldn’t…

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BY Rika Z. Vayianni

| Sep 02, 2015


Pocket Archipelago

A boat trip from Skiathos to the beautiful, tiny islets of Tsougria and Arkos. There is no such thing as the wrong way when it comes to experiencing the island of Skiathos. You can  park your shiny chopper on the front lawn of your villa, land your private jet at the airport, or anchor your spectacular mega yacht in the town’s old port as passing locals gasp (in pride, not…

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Amanda Michalopoulou

BY Amanda Michalopoulou

| Aug 22, 2015


The DIY Trails of Donoussa

Every morning I swim from one end of the bay of Donousa to the other. I reach the pier with long strokes. As I get near the bakery I am assailed by the aroma of freshly-baked bread and grape-must cookies. My natural bent for laziness yields to this powerful and comforting smell. Bougainvillea blossoms swirl around in the wind and land on the water, like tiny water lilies. I first…

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