Family Fun in Athens

Don’t despair; from museums to parks and organized tours, Athens offers lots of indoor and outdoor activities for children.

A raindrop plops on your nose as a cold wind picks up. You’ve been dragging your kids to the sites and a small but portentous wave of unhappiness begins to swell. It’s only midday and you know that if you don’t do something drastic to make them happy right now, lunch at that restaurant you and your partner have been meaning to try out since before you booked your flight to Athens will be like a slow motion assassination scene from The Godfather, but with food instead of bullets flying. But what to do? Where to go?

Relax, there are plenty of options both indoors and out. Whether you are in the center of Athens or not, they are all easily reachable and rewarding even to the most demanding of dons who are running your life.

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