Our Favorite Walks in Athens

For strolls, power walks, walkabouts, and “hot girl walks,” these are the routes to take.

If you’ve ever set out to take a leisurely stroll in the Greek capital and ended up dragging your feet along a seemingly endless highly-trafficked avenue, you may think of Athens as a bad place for pedestrians. This is not really the case. You do, however, need to know where to walk.

Sports Wear retailer Pour Moi recently declared Athens among the best cities in the world for a “hot girl walk” (for those who don’t know, a hot girl walk is a TikTok trend first introduced in 2021, where, inspired by the “hot girl summer” concept, women take a walk to get rid of negativity and focus on good things… like how hot they are).


But even without a cocky hashtag, walking to improve physical and mental health is a thing. As people we walk to calm down, we walk to boost energy, and during the pandemic lockdowns, walking became a reason to leave the house. We did it too.

Our Athens Walks series, first created for the special edition 2021 book “Peripatoi” (“Walks”), which we worked on during periods of lockdown in Athens in 2020 and 2021, features all of the paths and routes that we discovered or rediscovered on our – sometimes endless – strolls through the city.

Those walks reaffirmed that nature really does exist in the city – from the very center to the hills and mountains in the outer areas of the Attica region – and reminded us of the many things to be seen on a walk through most of the urban neighborhoods and the historical center.

Of course, in a modern city like Athens, you can even purchase a digital audio walking tour or use a free app to discover a certain aspect of an area (see examples here and here). You can also choose to walk without any guidance (we recommend the ancient hills of Athens for a spontaneous stroll). But below are our favorite walks, complete with useful maps:

Urban strolls

Athens Walks: The Secret Charm of Koukaki and Filopappou

A walk up the colorful backstreets of Koukaki shows the true character of the neighborhood, from before it became a tourist destination.


Athens Walks: Exploring the City’s Heart in Thiseio and Petralona

Located just beneath the Acropolis, these neighborhoods are as old as Athens itself, at once historic and full of life.

Athens Walks: From Gazi to the SNFCC Along a Bicycle Lane

A gentle walk through the city’s southern suburbs has plenty of surprises in store, especially for those with an eye for birdwatching.

Athens Walks: Ano Petralona, the Neighborhood with the Old Athens Vibe

Home to a rich variety of neoclassical and interwar buildings, offering romantic walks on Filopappou Hill, Ano Petralona is like traveling back in time.

Athens Walks: From Dexameni Square to Lycabettus Hill

There are many ways to scale Lycabettus but all routes offer the same amazing views of the city, the sea, and the surrounding mountains.

Athens Walks: Mets, The Elegant Neighborhood

A tour of the hillside neighborhood of Mets in central Athens, known for its fine architecture, sculpture-filled cemetery, and charming side streets.

Athens Walks: The Lure of the Sea in Nea Smyrni

A gentle walk from Nea Smyrni to the seafront in Faliro, capped off by a stroll around Athens’ “Barceloneta,” will get you in the mood for summer!

Athens Walks: An Urban Exploration of Kypseli

Bustling with life and an impressive mix of architectural styles, dynamic Kypseli is the epitome of an inner city Athenian neighborhood.

Finding nature

Athens Walks: 3 Small But Unique Parks in the City Center

This stroll takes in Argentinis Dimokratias Square, Strefi Hill and the redesigned garden of the National Archaeological Museum.


Athens Walks: A Pleasant Descent from Mount Penteli

A hike along the Penteli-Halandri Creek reveals ancient trackways, stone bridges and other gems, all hidden in a thick forest teeming with wildlife.

Athens Walks: Exploring the Former Royal Estate at Tatoi

This 5km walk will spark the imagination of kids and adults alike, featuring everything from forest, to a mausoleum, and a home of kings and queens.

Athens Walks: Tourkovounia and its Magical Views

Take a refreshing walk in the nature of Tourkovounia and enjoy breathtaking views.

Athens Walks: A Mountain Hike on Mt Ymittos

Where else can you go on a mountain hike just a short drive from the city center, with monasteries, caves and unparalleled views of the city and sea?

Athens Walks: Exploring the Garden Town of Filothei-Psychiko

This leafy, upscale residential district just north of the Athens center is great for walks and runs along quiet, tree-lined streets.

Athens Walks: Exotic Trees and Plants in the Western Suburbs

The Julia and Alexander N. Diomedes Botanical Garden, a green oasis in the western suburb of Haïdari, is preparing to receive visitors again.

Athens Walks: Birdwatching in “Antonis Tritsis” Environmental Awareness Park

Home to an astonishing variety of birds, “Antonis Tritsis” Environmental Awareness Park in western Athens is a much-cherished wildlife refuge.

Athens Walks: A Morning on Faskomilia Hill in Vouliagmeni

Go for a walk or run across this 300 acre natural landscape with stunning views of the Saronic Gulf.

Athens Walks: Exploring the Shores of Lake Beletsi

A handful of hiking routes start from Lake Beletsi, a small manmade lake on the pine-covered eastern slopes of Mount Parnitha.

Athens Walks: Discovering the Pine Forest of Schinias

Just about an hour from downtown Athens, you’ll find sandy shores, one of Greece’s largest pine forests, and the lake of Marathon.

Athens Walks: An Enchanting Forest at the Syngrou Estate, Marousi

The historic Syngrou Estate in the northeast suburb of Marousi includes the only remaining old-growth forest in the greater Athens area.

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