Hotel TwentyOne: Youth & Vitality

One of the most stylish acommodation choices in the northern suburbs of Athens


Twentyone Hotel is located at the Kefalari neighborhood of Kifissia, one of Athens’ most aristocratic suburbs, 40 minutes from the city center.


A minimalist building with an imposing grey façade – a definite departure from the watermill that once stood here in the 19th century – it blends in with the tranquil and elegant backdrop of Kifissia, adding its own modern touch.

It is at number 21 of bustling Kolokotroni Street and has 21 guestrooms – hence the name – as well as a restaurant that is a destination in its own right. The feel here is one of simplicity and vitality, a sense of joie de vivre that attracts both business travelers seeking luxury and comfort, as well as others looking for a pleasant city break. Among the hotel highlights is the dominant and impressive artistic element: the modernist glass façade of the elevator and a 70-square-meter painting by Georgia Sagri, segmented off to the 21 rooms, give the hotels industrial style a touch of personality.

Housed in a renovated watermill, TwentyOne Hotel retains, in its magnificent grey exterior, the mill’s original form and structure set off by the modernist glass façade of the elevator. ”

The aristocratic style of the suburb of Kifissia, with its old horse-drawn carriages and the old plane trees, create a filmic backdrop that transports us to a bygone era.

TwentyOne’s play on the number 21 continues with the 21 guestrooms. Each room number is written out in full on the room’s door, in creative dialogue with the 21 red cubes of the hotel’s logo. A mostly neutral palette of white and black dominates the interior, broken by warm red touches. Designed by DecaArchitecture as an extension of guests’ luggage, the rooms are equipped with custom-made functional and ergonomic furniture that create a sense of efficiency and comfort. Custom made to impress, the wardrobe transforms into a table and chair, while separating the sleeping space from the minimalist bathroom. Allowing plenty of natural sunlight, the rooms each boast one of the 21 segments of Georgia Sagri’s vivid painting, with all 21 sections brought back together in the lobby. The rooms are fitted with wooden floors.


21 Kolokotroni & Myconou,
Kefalari, Kifissia 
Tel.: (+30) 210.623.3521 
Fax: (+30) 210.623.3821

Tel.: (+30) 210.623.0621 
• E-mail: [email protected] 


Natural light, wooden floors, minimalist lines and symmetry characterize the 21 rooms. The balcony view of autumn leaves or lush greenery in the summer remind us of the suburban setting. As for the 5 Loft suites, long skylights can open and close so that we can sleep under the star-studded sky.

Situated on the ground floor of TwentyOne with a separate entrance, 21 is a bar-restaurant that has become quite a hit with the hip crowd while still tapping sophisticated diners.


Situated on the ground floor of TwentyOne with a separate entrance, 21 is a bar-restaurant that has become quite a hit with the hip crowd. Its regular clientele prefers sophisticated gourmet dishes with Italian and Greek influences, but also its delectable cocktails. Following the hotel’s design approach, the décor is minimal and stylish. Guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner, indoors or outdoors in the summer months. The garden is reminiscent of a piazza and is ideal for fun meetings with good food and drinks.

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