Ergon Mykonos: Ancient Greek Patterns and Functional Fits

What would Hellenistic fashion look like updated for 2018? Ergon Mykonos answers the question with a collection featuring pop art references.

For spring/summer 2018, Ergon Mykonos once again presents a line that represents a fusion of designs with a lot of ancient Greek references, and a few discreet pop art elements. Famous for their 100% pure cotton fabrics, hand-woven on looms inspired by those used in Hellenistic times, the influences from ancient Greece don’t stop there.

This collection, named “The Hellenes”, features patterns and shapes inspired by the Hellenic and Hellenistic periods (frequently recurring is the shape of a Hellenistic statue, and patterns drawn from ancient architectural motifs). Earthy colors complement the loose and functional fits also popular in that period in Greek history.

Creative Director Marietta Karpathiou and her team manage to present these ancient Greek details in various modern ways. Sometimes, the loose fit also resemble other, more contemporary, “functional fit” items, like factory overalls and oversized men’s shirts. Other garments feature asymmetric cuts, or contemporary pops of bright color.

Aside from the “Hellenes” collection, the brand also presents the bold, limited edition “Tribute to the Idol” t-shirts, featuring a print that merges the archetypal Cycladic idol, a symbol of the Cycladic civilization, with David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.

The company writes about the collection:

“The theory of beauty back then attributed Beauty to proportion, functionality and form. All three attributes are present in the new designs: Geometry, Artistic Harmony, Natural elements in forms and shapes that resemble the Greek life and environment, motifs with Hellenistic statues combined with colours & textures of today’s Greece. The design of the clothes has remained faithful to Functionality and love for the woman of today. Free sizes, loose fabrics, an air of freedom in every movement.”

About the brand

The design brand Ergon Mykonos, led by its creative director and founder, Marietta Karpathiou, creates clothing, shoes, fabrics, ceramics and items for the home inspired by the philosophy, beauty, science, and architecture of ancient Greece. First and foremost known for their clothes, the brand can be found in boutique stores around the world, and in its flagship store on Mykonos.


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