Gluten-Free Leggings

No guilt

Brand name: Gluten-Free Leggings

Designers: Maria Papaioannides and Afrodite Patrikiou

Afrodite is a yoga teacher and Maria a yoga practitioner. Both love yoga and fashion. “We practice yoga together and always envied cool yoga clothes. So we decided to make our own leggings with different prints.”

Brand philosophy:
A healthy lifestyle, not necessarily without gluten, but fresh and athletic. We make clothes that can be worn in a yoga class or even for a night out. For next season we have designed cool T-shirts and athletic bras.

Best seller:
The green leopard-print leggings.

Our inspiration is all women who like to take care of their body, mind and soul; active women with style and personality.

Personal style trademark:
Our gluten-free leggings, a cool T-shirt, sunglasses, funky sneakers and a glass of fresh juice to start the day.

The best souvenir I’ve brought home recently:
The great energy we brought home from our last yoga retreat, in Santorini.

Quote behind the label:
When in doubt go to yoga.

Where to find it:
In our facebook page and soon in selected stores.

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