PAN Brand Embodies the New Wave of Gourmet Greek Condiments

Balsamic vinegars and creams, aromatic grape syrup and mustard enhanced with olive paste are among the PAN brand's sophisticated offerings.

When Panagiotis Zafiropoulos, the founder of Zafiropoulos Vinegars, was a boy (in the mid-50s), he was fascinated by how his grandfather produced vinegar from wine in his pantry. That fascination turned into a passion, and a business. In 1979, after having learned all the trade secrets as an apprentice to an old, seasoned vinegar maker, he established the company’s first small factory.

In 1983, the company moved its production to Pikermi – right in the heart of Attica’s grape-growing region. Thus began a course of continuous growth and development, and in 2001, the company introduced the PAN brand, which soon became available at supermarkets around the country.

Today, the product line includes a lot more than classic vinegar. Five different balsamic vinegars, extracted from dried grapes, including a version with honey, one with fig, and another with pomegranate, make for excellent salad dressings.

Six balsamic creams, with flavors such as orange and barbecue, are the perfect “secret ingredients” that can elevate many recipes. Pan’s grape syrup and two lemon juice condiments are also great products that all lovers of Mediterranean food should try. Then of course, there are the classics: red and white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and a white vinegar flavored with rosemary and thyme.

Greek gastronomy meets top quality mustards

The latest addition to the company’s list of condiments is its mustard range. Sold in handy squeeze bottles, there are three versions. PAN Mild Mustard has an earthy mustard seed aroma paired with hints of vinegar, and is perfect for hot dogs, burgers and turkey sandwiches, and a big hit with kids. PAN Spicy Mustard carries a gentle heat which is enhanced with the aroma of turmeric.

The third version, PAN Mustard with Olive Paste, captures all the flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean. The addition of black olive paste gives this product an aromatic twist, without overpowering the rest of the ingredients. Fine vinegar is also present, against a backdrop of herbs and spices, and the mild yet full-bodied flavor has a long aftertaste. Enjoy this mustard in a vinaigrette, alongside roast lamb or goat with potatoes, or rub it on chicken before cooking.

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