Polina Ellis: Jewelry That You “Wear on Your Soul”

Polina Ellis jewelry signifies inner connections and give us insights into who we truly are.

Polina Ellis designs are about connecting our origins to our destination, unearthing old roots and exploring new beginnings. In the process, they help us identify our inner selves.

Polina’s academic studies and subsequent career as an archaeologist have played a pivotal role in her designs. Her intimacy with the cause and effect of a civilization’s greatness allows her to transpose the primeval symbolism that’s inherent in ancient art forms to contemporary, innovative designs.

A study in bold simplicity, Polina‘s core design approach is minimalist, devoid of the unnecessary and embracing the pure. Her jewelry communicates strength and sensitivity. Each piece exhibits dynamism by subtraction.

Polina Ellis designs embrace universal truths, empowering both men and women to connect to their own uniqueness.

Polina Ellis’ signature collections such as Antithesis, Tethrippon, Dorian represent a unique style, pairing strong lines with clean forms. Linear austerity meets striking elegance. For her 18 karat gold fine jewelry, the earthy color of raw white gold with a matte surface fully represents the desire for subtle luxury that fits the Polina Ellis brand’s philosophy: the biggest power is hidden in simplicity

Polina Ellis’ creations have been featured in top international magazines and publications, and jewelry and cultural exhibitions worldwide. They are sold by select retailers all over Greece and in select stores in Europe.

Polina Ellis’ also has an online presence at www.polinaellis.com, offering a unique luxury shopping experience with options to customize.

You can also find Polina Ellis on Facebook and Instagram.

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