Pure Greek Silks by “A Totem Für Elita”

The designer using 100% Greek silk scarves to apply her artistic inspiration

A Totem Für Elita is a collection of scarves made from 100% Greek silk – with the contribution of The Art of Silk Museum in Soufli- by a visual artist who spends plenty of creative hours, illustrating by hand and digitally, while also employing the element of photography.

Loula Levedi is a delicate woman who finds inspiration in the possibility of dialogue between mythology, Greek culture, historical events and modern people. Her aim is to positively transform myth in such a way, so as “to make one think, smile and add this special accessory to one’s clothing.”

Every scarf is an object designed to become one’s little treasure, an item ready to warm body and mind, both visually and conceptually.

 “It is like a message in a bottle that, depending on the condition of the recipient, could be interpreted differently,” Levedi writes.

The waters, in which this bottle moves, bring together the aesthetic factor (composition, colors, shapes) and the psychological one (inner conflicts of the mythical heroes – beyond design). These two factors, combined, create a silk scarf, a fashion accessory.

A message, in the form of text, is often included in her creations, while the positive transformation of the meaning of the myth remains her main preoccupation.

“A message, in the form of text, is often included in her creations, while the positive transformation of the meaning of the myth remains her main preoccupation.”

As she explains: “Mottos do occur during the illustration. ‘A Totem Für Elita’ is all about ‘impossible encounters’ that motivate us to expand experience in the case of the myth. Symbols of Greek Culture can meet with symbols of Pop Culture, or with fairy tale heroes or even with film heroes, in order to form new narratives.”

“A hybrid visual ground of expression is created, suggesting old ideas in a new way, or completely new synergies.”

Her mottos are often quite elaborate – like the one derived from Jason’s myth, “To feel secure seek for the cure”- or intriguingly imply a fine, yet peculiar, romance, as the one between Persephone or Cora and Pluto, The God of Hades.
 The couple spends six months together and six months apart, making Cora a Hard Cora, because of the hard core situation with Pluto.
Other mottos are simple and clear, like Poisoned with Love.
Here, I would like to apologize for not having written anything earlier about A Totem Für Elita, even though I’ve known Loula for two years. Recently, though, I saw The Traveler scarf (50x50cm) and suddenly realized that the (summer) time is right and the watermelons ripe.
What’s more, these silk scarves tend to transcend the usual value attached to objects and fashion accessories, as they carry an artistic quality of a very modern surrealism.
Recently, she presented her new collection in September’s international trade exhibition “Who’s next” (www.whosnext-tradeshow.com) in Paris.

Seavilization has evolved as her main motto for the spring/summer 2017 collection. She has generously shared an exclusive preview. After all, Greece Is… Seavilization.
In Loula Levedi’s silky world, there is always a playful or slightly ‘didactic’ disposition. No-one could really say it better than her, print it in silk or carefully wrap it, before letting it follow the river’s flow like a message in a bottle:
“This verbal message, that reverses somehow or attempts to change the psychological showdown between heroes, changing it with a plus sign in the form of a personal opinion, or a personal truth that is tested and applied through experience, differentiates the whole concept of the scarf.
 Through the mythological struggle of each representation, there is a need to give a tinge and an ‘experimental’ admonition through new messages and significations. The intention is symbolic, as it happens all over the mythological ray.”
“Do love your Labyrinth and the Minotaur will disappear”


The B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music Art Bonair shop in Chania
Pocket Gallery in the Old Town of Naxos

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