New Book Highlights Great Greek Hotels Across the Country

Featuring forty four accommodation options, many at rural destinations, those planning to explore the Greek countryside needn't look further.

Hotels that shine like stars on the map of Greece fill the pages of the newly-published 360-page book “Great Escapes Greece: The Hotel Book” by Angelika Taschen, the latest in the hotel book series Great Escapes, published by Taschen Books (previous volumes feature noteworthy places to stay in Italy, in the greater Mediterranean area, in Europe as a whole, and in Africa).

The luxurious coffee-table book features 44 hotels and guest houses across Greece, the kind of which we, too, would recommend to selected friends from abroad; they showcase the Greek countryside at its best, giving visitors reasons to come that go beyond the blue-and-white Cycladic cliché.


Author Angelika Taschen has been active in publishing for more than 30 years. In this new book, she picks places to stay which boast the highest guest ratings for their amenities, as well as lesser-known places off the beaten track, from the Zagori region in northwest Greece all the way down to the island of Crete, and from the mountain village of Nymfaio in western Macedonia to the island of Kastellorizo in the eastern Aegean.

What do guests want from the accommodation where they choose to spend their precious vacation time?

The photographs of the hotels and guesthouses are helpful not only in instilling a desire to visit the place and get to know it, but also in creating the possibility of a dialogue or the pretext for a daydream: what would it be like to spend a few days in a tower in the Mani or a Cretan shepherd’s hut from the 1580s?


Histories of the buildings or short proprietor introductions are used to portray the character of each hotel. Readers will meet an Italian cook, photographer and writer who established a second home on Andros, where she runs the Melisses Guesthouse, and a family keeping tradition alive at the Imaret in Kavala, along with many others.

Historical houses, such as the home of Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor in Kardamyli, luxury villas in the Cyclades, and ultra-modern accommodations featuring contemporary design, fully immersed in the natural environment and with furniture created by famous designers, are just some of the treats featured in the book.

From the simplicity of the beautiful three-room Villa Lemonia at Vamvakarides on the island of Kythera to the 37 suites of the exquisite The Wild Hotel by Interni on Mykonos, and from the traditional Astra Inn guesthouse in Papigo to the patrician Nymfaio Retreats, there are recommendations to suit the taste of every traveler.


Each pick also features information, including directions, prices, number of rooms, and dining options, as well as recommended books, films, and other information relevant to the location, which will help make the travel experience even more special.

The book is written in three languages (English, German and French), and is illustrated with copious photographs of the locations and surrounding areas.

Leafing through this beautiful book is guaranteed to lift your spirits, even if you are unable to travel at present, although it will undoubtedly be even more thrilling when you finally do reach your destination.

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