Wildfires in Greece: A Call for Help

All the information you need to get involved and lend your much-needed support.

Updated: August 8, 2021

Greece is in great peril. Raging wildfires have engulfed large stretches of land. The massive blaze, now on its fourth day, has devastated 20 kilometres of forest area, destroyed several houses. Several dozen injured people are in hospital with one fatality, and the capital is shrouded in the acrid smell of smoke from the fires. During this challenging time, it is crucial that we help by whichever means possible.

Following the huge mobilization of the Hellenic Red Cross, the organization has developed additional support initiatives for people most in need. Specifically, opening a bank account to support the fire victims and homeless animals in order to raise as much money as possible. Those who wish to contribute financially are kindly requested to deposit their donations in the following bank account:



Account Number: 0026.0240.30.0201205013

IBAN: GR2602602400000300201205013

All deposits must be marked “Pyrkagies.”

For more information you can call: 210 36 09 825 or visit the website of the Hellenic Red Cross www.redcross.gr.

If you are in Athens, Evia or Peloponnese and you want to help, there are places where food and essentials such as water, orange juice, isotonics, long-life food, clothes, baby diapers, milk, baby wipes, antiseptics, gauze, and animal food (cat food, dog food, dry horse food, etc.) are collected.

Below is a map of drop-off points for food and first aid items: 

You can find animal shelters here:

Accomodation for Citizens Affected by the Fire

Citizens whose homes have been affected by the fire can contact the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) at 1135, and be referred to hotels offering accommodation.

Help Line 10306 – psychosocial support for fire victims, available 24/7.

Through the following Instagram accounts, you can also find information-with constantly updated data- on other citizen initiatives. 

@act4naturaldisasters, @act4evoia, @act4peloponnese, @oallosanthropos,

@humanitygr, @animawild, @saveagreekstray, @a_little_shelter, 

@emptythecages_athens, @stray.hugs, @oncampus_theproject.

For emergency animal shelter: @dogsvoice and 6974176950 – Animal Shelter Artemis

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