Aegean Air Buys into Lamda Development and Elliniko

As a new strategic partner, Aegean Air will help promote the massive development at the site of the old Athens airport to its international clientele.

Aegean Air is becoming a strategic partner in the Elliniko development with a 20-million-euro investment in Lamda Development’s share capital and an agreement to promote the project at the site of Athens’ former international airport.

Aegean will acquire Lamda shares amounting to 1.66 percent of its share capital in the upcoming increase. It has also agreed to provide its passengers with promotional material showing the features, new services, experiences and products they can enjoy as the project unfolds.

“Our objective is to share the project with Aegean passengers – the majority of whom come from cities abroad – as much as possible, and through that to support its successful evolution,” Greece’s leading carrier said in a statement. “Therefore Aegean is associating its name with the most emblematic development project in the country, the success of which constitutes a national target, especially for the growth of tourism,” it added.

Lamda chief executive Odisseas Athanasiou said the deal is “the beginning of a broader and very important cooperation with Aegean, a leading force in air transport in Greece, that will turn it into Elliniko’s official air carrier.”

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