Aegean Airlines to Upgrade Fleet with New Generation Planes

The award-winning airline is to choose between next-generation Airbus and Boeing planes that are quieter, more fuel efficient and have longer ranges.

Aegean Airlines is moving ahead with major plans to upgrade its fleet. The plans were first announced in March of this year by the company’s vice chairman, Eftichios Vassilakis. The tender, for which Airbus and Boeing will compete, has already been launched and concerns the purchase of 45-55 state-of-the-art planes.

On the basis of the bids put forward by the two aviation giants, the Greek airline will choose between the Airbus 320neo and the Boeing 737 MAX. The average sticker price for each plane is close to 100 million dollars, however both manufacturers are expected to offer deep discounts in order to secure the contract.


Aegean Airlines will also undoubtedly seek to use the stiff competition between Boeing and Airbus to its advantage. The company is in a period of dynamic growth and is thus a highly attractive potential client for both companies.

The company’s current fleet comprises 61 planes, 47 of which are Airbus 319s, 320s and 321s with an average age of only 7 years. The company acquired its first Airbus in 2007 as part of an order for a total of 7 planes.

Over the subsequent years, Aegean continued to expand its fleet with new purchases, and its most recent acquisition – an Airbus 320ceo – was added to its fleet only a few months ago in March.


Through the tender, Aegean is seeking to upgrade its fleet with new generation planes that are more fuel efficient, quieter, cost less to operate and have longer ranges, thus allowing the company to connect to more destinations.

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