Aegean Announces Flash Sale

Are you itching for a break? The Greek airline offers sale on all direct February flights to Greece.

The Aegean Airlines website slowed today, possibly as a result of overload, as the company announced a 24-hour flash sale on all of their direct flights for the month of February.

While all official bodies are encouraging caution when traveling as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads, many seem eager to get away somewhere. All direct flights to, from, and domestically in Greece in February, are currently offered at up to 50% off, until the sale ends tomorrow, Friday 14/1. The choosing your seat option is also available at up to 30% off.

While much points to an improved tourism season ahead, compared to summer 2020 and 2021, there is still concern regarding winter tourism in Greece. A few regions managed to draw domestic tourists back this year, but most hotels and resorts in winter destinations on the Greek mainland have reported unmanageably low occupancy rates. They are now clinging to a thread of hope for visitors in February and March.

Find Aegean Airline sale here.

Find all current rules and regulations for traveling to Greece now, here.

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