Cycladic Art Museum Puts Visually Impaired ‘IN CONTACT’

An innovative tour at the Museum of Cycladic Art enables people with sensory disabilities the ability to ‘see’ the exhibits.

A mobile unit with drawers containing copies of artifacts, tactile maps and other materials, will enable visitors with sensory disabilities (visual and auditory impairments) at Athens’ Museum of Cycladic Art to experience the exhibits for the first time.

Accompanied by trained museum staff, two or more individuals at a time will be able to follow a thematic route, taking them on a multisensory tour of Early Cycladic art and culture.


The specially designed “IN CONTACT” tour, created in collaboration with the “With Other Eyes” organization, includes a floor plan of the exhibition space, tactile maps of Greece and the Cyclades, and real-size copies of exhibits and figurines made of marble or resin.

The tour is accompanied by descriptive texts in Braille for the visually impaired, and in large print for visitors with partial vision, as well as an audio tour of the Collection of Cycladic Art, available in both Greek and English.

The audio files that accompany the mobile showcase provide information and instructions on the tactile experiences through the Clio Muse platform, provided by the museum.

Visitors will now be able to explore subjects such as the geography and history of the Bronze Age Cyclades, and learn about figurines, both inside and outside the museum.


The museum kit also contains an embroidered map, a tactile water map, stones, threads, and fragments of replica figurines.

A video aimed primarily at teachers and programmers explains how the museum kit can be used for a journey through space and time.

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