Athens – New York Art Show Shares Outlook, Outdoors

Art and design students from Greece and the US kicked off collaboration between the SNFCC and the Lincoln Center Agora.

Gaps are bridged once more as students from the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Parsons School of Design showcase their work in “Faces of the Hero”, a collaborative art exhibition inaugurating the Stavros Niarchos Foundation – Lincoln Center Agora initiative.

Throughout the summer, works by ten multidisciplinary students from each campus were exhibited simultaneously in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and the Lincoln Center. The event invited artists to explore instances of heroism across different cultural and historic lenses. The result: twenty distinctive and insightful images of artworks spanning various mediums including painting, photography, mixed media, text-based art, sculpture, collage and video.


The theme of heroism earned a particular significance this year as shockwaves from distant revolutions and an increasingly palpable feeling of disillusionment and exasperation leave our world yearning for some kind of salvation. Within today’s blur of political distrust, biological insecurity and environmental destruction, “Faces of a Hero” urges us to reflect on what needs saving and imagine our heroes of the future.

The event is also an invitation outdoors after a long year of caution and confinement kept many of us hidden away from public spots. As part of its initiative, the collaboration between the two organizations aims to reactivate outdoor spaces with artistic events and community activities. The goal is to create modern “agoras” that promote creative interactions within public spaces and enhance the shared social experience of citizens.

Read more about the exhibition here.

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