Blue Magazine at Lindos: “It Seems to Pulsate with Life-Giving Energy”

Aegean Airlines’ onboard magazine features the popular destination on Rhodes in their July-August issue.

Through the ages, the cosmopolitan town of Lindos, on the east coast of Rhodes, has naturally drawn attention from visitors.
According to myth, the ancient city  of Lindos was founded by the Dorians in the 10th century BC by the fifty daughters of the legendary Danaus. Centuries later, it became a great naval power under the leadership of Cleobulus, who revived its mighty citadel as a home to a Panhellenic sanctuary dedicated to the worship of the goddess Athena Lindia.
Surrounded by barren hills, the town of Lindos still exists in the same spot, in the valley below the citadel known to be the hottest place on Rhodes, and towering above, at 116 meters over the sea, is the incredible acropolis, with the remarkable remains of the 4th century BC Temple of Athena.

In a unique feature, Aegean Airlines’ onboard magazine features images from Lindos as few have had the pleasure of seeing it. The cosmopolitan town and its archeological monuments, visited by international jetsetters and thousands of tourists annually since the dawn of tourism in Europe, are seen solemnly – and wonderfully – empty.

Aside from the models, dressed in fashion by Greek and international designers, the town’s unique elements are the stars of the photographs; The Hellenistic Stoa on the acropolis, the stunning Agios Pavlos Bay, the mosaic pebbled floors known as “chochlakia,” the donkeys in the alleys, the iconic Mavrikos restaurant from 1933, and the courtyard of a typical Lindos sea captain’s house, are depicted without crowds – distraction-free.

“These elements represent a vibrant connection with the area’s glorious nautical past and with the architectural gem that is the palimpsest of Lindos. With important archaeological sites (within the walls of the acropolis and outside them) and myriad natural attractions, this place is indeed a blessed spot which, if given the time and respect it deserves, will surrender its happy secrets,” the feature states.
The article and the spectacular images of Lindos can be found by travelers flying with Aegean Airlines onboard their flights throughout the summer.

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