Delos Theater Breaks 2,000-year Silence

The first performance of a play in 2,000 years is set to take place in the coming days.

The ancient theater on Delos island, is preparing to break its two-millennia long silence with a special performance.

Among the symbolic ruins of the atmospheric island, the play “Hecuba, a refugee in Delos” will take to the stage of the theater built by the islanders in the third century BC.

On Friday and Saturday evening, at 18.00, the theater will come alive once more with the sounds and sights of the performance. The show is an effort by the Ephorate of Cycladic Antiquities and the municipality of Mykonos to give a voice to the real-life refugee drama playing out in the Aegean Sea.

The theater of Delos was once the focal point of the biggest festivals celebrated on the island and a venue for the most famous performers from all corners of Greece. Originally built of marble, it seated 7,000 audience members. Games of independence were also hosted here.

The theatrical event, which is under the auspices of the President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, is being put on by the Regional Theater of Agrinio and stars Despina Bebedeli. Nikos Karageorgiou is the director.

Due to the limited capacity of the theater and the lack of facilities, the play will be performed under daylight and in front of a small audience who will be required to strictly follow the instructions of the Ephorate’s staff.

“The play ‘Hecuba, a refugee in Delos’ will take to the stage of the theater built by the islanders in the third century BC.”


For more information and reservations: Tel. (+30) 210.3250.148

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