Exhibition: Art Meets Artifacts at NAM

For the first time, the National Archaeological Museum is presenting an exhibition in its temporary exhibition rooms pairing antique treasures with contemporary works.





The past is now. George Lazongas: Myths and Antiquity

National Archaeological Museum, 44 Patission, tel 213.214.4800, namuseum.gr

The National Archaeological Museum presents a series of paintings and drawings by George Lazongas, emeritus professor of the Athens School of Fine Arts, inspired by ancient Greek history, mythology and art.

Lazongas’ works – which he describes as a “palimpsests,” a concept the artist introduced to the terminology of local art history in the 1970s to describe the layering of the image at different moments in time – are set beside selected pieces of the museum’s wonderful collection to demonstrate how the past continues to shape the present.

This article was previously published at ekathimerini.com.

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