Germany’s Bild: Summer Holidays Possible in Greece in 2020

A recent Bild article notes that Greece has handled the pandemic well so far, and may be able to receive some tourists this summer.

In a feature on its website by Bild correspondent Liana Spyropoulou, the German outlet has recommended Greece as a potential destination for summer vacations in 2020.

The article lists a limited number of countries which are thought to not be at risk from the coronavirus, in addition to Greece naming Croatia, Austria and Switzerland.

Addressing the question “Where can one go for a vacation this year?” the German paper notes that in reality things are not so dire everywhere. Referring to Greece, it stresses that certain countries that seek to attract German tourists are almost out of danger when it comes to the coronavirus.

Spyropoulou notes in her article that “more than one third of tourists travel from Central and Eastern Europe to Greece by car including from countries like Germany which have handled the pandemic well. As such, they will be the first to come.”

The article also includes a statement by Greek Minister of Tourism Harry Theoharis who said, “Greece aims to continue its successful strategy in countering the coronavirus in order to have the trust of not only its citizens, but to have the trust of tourists. If all goes well then in early May we will begin lifting the lockdown measures. That will happen gradually. The large hotels in cities will be the last to open. I believe we will be ready in June. But we will need to agree at a European or bilateral level on the rules which, for the safety of all, tourists will need to adhere to.”

Finally, the article quotes an unnamed high-level government official who, according to the article, expressed the view that this tourism season will not be lost for Greece.

Source: ANA-MPE

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