Greece Among Cheapest Destinations for US Tourists

Lower prices for flights and accommodations have made Greece and other European countries more desirable destinations this year.

A recent report by CNBC outlines that according to travel website, the cheapest airfares to Europe from the US have fallen by 15.1% compared to the same period last year. According to the survey, this year tickets from US cities to Europe are reported to come to around $908 compared to $1,070 in 2021.

Flights to Athens are 16.2% cheaper compared to last year, while the report shows that flying to Milan is the most affordable option, since the city has shown the largest decrease in air travel prices (by -20.6%). Next cheapest are Munich (-18.8%), Frankfurt (-17.8%), Madrid (-17.6%) and Venice (-17.1%). Prices for aur travel to London and Paris are also lower this summer.


When it comes to accommodation, CNBC writes: “Average nightly hotel rates in Greece are $610 in Mykonos and $434 in Santorini, but are as low as $204 in the Ionian Islands and $162 in Crete, according to travel booking website Holidu.

“Athens is likely even cheaper. In April, Greece’s capital city was named one of the world’s best-value city breaks for families by the travel website The Family Vacation Guide, based on hotel fees, food and a visit to the Acropolis.”

Overall, based on Squaremouth’s analysis from January to mid-June, it costs an average of $7,600 to visit Greece from the US this year.

While compared to the pre-pandemic period, most hotels in Western Europe have lowered their prices this summer, according to, and Expedia predicts that prices across Europe will be cheaper this August than before the pandemic.

According to, Italy and France (except Nice) are exempt from this rule, as prices there have increased by 25% this summer.

With information from and CNBC.

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