Greece is on Course for a Strong, Dynamic Recovery

At the 4th Athens Investment Forum, Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras announces that the country is rebounding “a plan, method, insight and determination.”

Greece is on course for a strong, dynamic recovery and is meeting all the multiple challenges it faces – in health, climate, the economy, energy and geopolitically – with “a plan, method, insight and determination,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Thursday.

Addressing the “Greece 2.0 Plan – Impact on the Greek Economy” segment of the 4th Athens Investment Forum, titled “Greece 2.0 – An Investment Tidal Wave for the Greek Economy,” Staikouras stressed that the government was forced to reset the priorities of its economic policy, supporting society and the real economy with generous and efficient measures worth 42.7 billion euros in the 2020-22 period to help cushion the economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and to implement measures for growth.

He noted, however, that the government had not lost sight of the need for a prudent fiscal policy, along with implementing structural reforms, privatizations and investments.

Staikouras presented the goals of the government’s economic policy in the next two years, saying that these are: achieving high and sustainable growth rates, improving the composition of GDP with a significant increase in investments and exports, exiting the regime of enhanced surveillance in 2022, reducing nonperforming loans to a single-digit figure in 2022, achieving realistic primary surpluses from 2023, and obtaining an investment grade in 2023.

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